Luyashan Mountain. Malun Grassland (马仑草原 - Mǎlún cǎoyuán).

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
Malun Grassland – it is a miniature plateau in the Luyashan Mountain.

The road from the hotel to the grassland is very picturesque.
First we went along the river.
The farther we left from the settlements, the more beautiful grew the nature.
Further along the mountain serpentine, began the ascent.
Oh, those wooded steep mountain slopes I like so much.
We got to the entrance to the tourist zone. As you can see in the photo, there is no permanent structures here.
The entrance ticket costs 100 yuan.
Map of the tourist routes.
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The path to the grassland runs through the forest.
Malun Grassland.
According to the tourist map, somewhere around here the ruins of the Great Wall of China (北齐长城) of the Northern Qi period (550-577) must be.And ruined stupas (舍利塔), with graves of monks.
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Police and escort vehicles.

Continuation :
Tianchi Lake

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