Train Datong-Taiyuan

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
The morning after a visit to Mount Hengshan, I left the city of Datong. I took the train K961 and went to Taiyuan to participate in the event "Shanxi through the eyes of foreigners".

Distance from Datong to Taiyuan is 300 km, travel time 4 hours. I was traveling in a hard sleeper carriage. Below is a selection of photos taken from the train window. Most of them are made to the West direction, because almost the entire route the train goes from North to South.

Huairen (怀仁 - Huáirén).
Train station of Yingxian town – (应县 - Yìngxiàn), where is located the oldest and tallest wooden pagoda of China. That's where I didn't have time to go after a visit to Hengshan Mountain. Keep in mind that from the station to the town is 17 km!
Railway station of Yuanping town (原平 - Yuánpíng).
Railway station of Xinzhou city (忻州 - Xīnzhōu).
Tiancun (田村 - Tiáncūn).
The Catholic church.
Douluo (豆罗 - Dòuluō).
Pingshe (平社 - Píngshè).
Gaocun (高村 - Gāocūn).
Yangqu (阳曲 - Yángqū).
Huanghouyuan (皇后园 - Huánghòuyuán).
The second train with military equipment, which I met during this trip by train.

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