Fengzhen town (丰镇 - Fēngzhèn), Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
At 6:10 am I got off the train at the station of the Fengzhen town. And even though I was only a few kilometers from the border of the Shanxi province, however, for the first time in my life I set my feet on the ground of a new territorial entity – Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

It immediately becomes evident that the station names are duplicated in a traditional Mongolian alphabet, with vertical writing.
"Railway Station" is also written in two languages.
The railway station building.
Fengchuan street (丰川路 - Fēngchuān lù), leading from the station.
My plan was simple: see the town a bit, have breakfast and find a car to the Wall.
It turned out that in the center of Fengzhen town there is a hill. There I went.
Panoramic view of Fengzhen. On the horizon is seen a lot of rows of 6-storey buildings.
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Throughout Fengzhen shopkeepers on the first floor laid out on the asphalt counterfeit money and other festive merchandise for the Ghost Festival, which in 2016 was on August 17.
Picture taken on August 8.
Yinmahe River (饮马河 - Yǐnmǎ hé).
The railroad divides the town into two parts. Now I'm heading to the western part of Fengzhen.
Huaneng Fengzhen coal-fired power station.
Another shaggy lost dog :(
We drive to the first destination - Juqiangkou village.

* * *
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