Yungang Grottoes (part II)

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
The Yungang Grottoes had been created from 460 to 525, in the vicinity of the then capital Pingcheng (now Datong). In the rock stretching for about a kilometer, 252 caves were carved with 51 thousand Buddha images. The ruling Northern Wei Dynasty announced the outlandish Buddhism, which emerged in VI-V centuries BC in India, the state religion. Originally Buddhism was the doctrine of salvation, for life is a chain of suffering, which is little known how to get rid of, and Buddha acted as a man of exceptional moral purity, great teacher, who led other people the way of salvation. Not surprisingly, the first giant Buddha statues in the grottoes coincide with portraits of the Northern Wei Dynasty emperors themselves. In China, Buddhism very quickly absorbed many elements of the old Chinese beliefs and teachings which also reflected in the bas-reliefs and stone figures that adorn the caves and niches with Buddha always standing in their center.

Currently, the complex has 53 caves, more than 1,200 niches with statues of Buddha and more than 51 thousand of stone sculptures.
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Cave number 2.
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The picture was taken by an unknown author in 1936 or 1937.
Dried Shili River (十里河 - Shílǐ hé).
Despite the crowds of tourists around the caves, footpaths in the southern part of the Park complex are completely empty. The Chinese are walking back by the same path they came or returning by the electric machines.
Lingyan Temple, but now the photo is taken from the other side.
Simply amazing – not a soul!
Not like the others. Wind turbine of acid green color.
A traditional row of stalls with souvenirs at the exit from the tourist site in China.
After the Northern Wei capital was moved to Luoyang city (600 km south), the flowering of grottoes creation also moved there. You may find my 2014 report from the Longmen Grottoes near Luoyang under this link.
When I was heading to the bus 603 to return to Datong, a taxi driver ran up to me. He started telling me "No bus", "Taxi". But I, of course, didn't listen.

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Street scenes

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