Laoniuwan. Yellow River makes a double bend.

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 13, 2016
After a visit to the Laoniuwan we drove 5 km to the south. There is the Yellow River observation deck and numerous trails on groomed hills. The nine-story pagoda in the background was completed in the summer of 2014. In a sense, I was lucky to avoid coming here on my previous trip to Shanxi. There would not have been such a brilliant observation site for the local beauty!

Real and mythical characters worshipped in China: Confucius (孔子), Fuxi (伏羲), Zhou Wenwang (周文王).
It offers a breathtaking view of the Yellow River making here a double bend.
Yellow River makes a double bend.
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Square and parking next to the pagoda.
Going back to the Pianguan town.
This picture was taken at the entrance to Pianguan town on the way from Laoniuwan bay.

Continuation :
Pianguan town

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