Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
Preparing for the trip this time was no different from 2014. The only novelty was that I had bought a train ticket from Beijing to Datong beforehand, because they are often bought up a week before departure. I made the purchase at Ctrip, where I also book my rooms. In addition to the price of the train ticket (about 100 yuan), I was charged a service fee of 30 yuan.

Which airlines did I fly to China this time?

Like in the spring 2014, this time I again chose Aeroflot due to their flight arriving at Beijing at about 1 am. This option worked best for me since my train to Datong was leaving at about 7 am.


I still shoot on Sony RX100 mk I (most of the pictures were made by it) and Canon 20D. It's time to upgrade my DSLR camera.

Visa and insurance

Like in previous three times, I arranged a visa to China through «Quinta Tour». I bought my insurance, like in past time, on the website of «AlfaStrakhovanie». I made all my hotel reservations through the Ctrip website.

Continuation :
The route of my trip

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