Hengshan Mountain (恒山 - Héngshān), Shanxi province

Rem Sapozhnikov / August 2016
The second morning in Datong, a day after my trip to the Great Wall, I went to Mount Hengshan. First I caught a taxi to the bus station.

The bus station looks like a temporary, so I pointed out on the map where it was in August of 2016.
At the bus station I bought a ticket to the town of Hunyuan (浑源 - Húnyuán). At the time of purchase the cashier asked me, if I am going to Hanging monastery (Xuankong Si).
The inscription on two red vertical banners:
Safety first, and then only the effectiveness (benefit).
Once again, I slowly go by bus through the mountain serpentine, and next goes a direct toll road.
From Datong to the monastery is about 70 km. I reached it in about 2 hours.
In the town of Hunyuan the bus first drove into the center, where most of the passengers got off the bus. The rest of the passengers went to the outskirts of town, where we were transferred into two cars and drove to the Hanging Monastery. I was ready for it, because In many reports about the trips to here I had read about it. And I really want this truck with pumpkins to eat them all during winter in Moscow.
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Judging by the sign "Hanging Monastery" (懸空寺 - Xuánkong sì), this is the right way.
The road to the left goes to the Hengshan Mountain and the cable car.
To the right a short 200 meters road leads down to the parking lot at the Hanging monastery.
Parking lot.
To just look at the Hanging Monastery it's not necessarily to buy a ticket: a monastery is visible from the entrance.

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