Обращение к друзьям Пяти Кубинских Героев

20 Мая 2009г.
Обращение к друзьям Пяти Кубинских Героев
Друзья Пяти Кубинских Героев!

Правительство США должно до 22 мая ответить, принимает ли к пересмотру в Верховном суде дело Пяти Кубинских Героев, несправедливо заключенных в тюрьмах этой страны более 10 лет.
Отправьте президенту США письмо, которое предлагается ниже, на следующие e-mails:


В Теме написать: Free the Five Cuban Patriots

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Dear Mr. President USA Barak Obama!

You declared many times during Your electioneering that America needs changes. We share Your opinion totally and want to turn Your attention to the policy of the former US-governments towards Cuba, that, in our opinion, needs to be changed in the first place, for it can not be called other than disgraceful.
The authority of Your country has also supported the anti-Cuban terrorist organizations that have received their asylum in the USA, committing terrorist attacks on Cuba from the territory of Your country, that brought Cuba thousands of victims. The leaders of these criminal organizations are such famous international terrorists as Jose Basulto, Orlando Bosh or Luis Posada Carriles. But the law machinery of the USA are not going to try them.
Instead they arrested and sentenced to the incredible terms of imprisonment Five Cuban Patriots Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labaino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzlez and Rene Gonzalez, whose entire guilt was that they gathered and passed to their government the information about the plans of the terrorist attacks on their country.
The Commission on the illegal imprisonments of the UNO Human Rights Council, the International amnesty and hundreds of other famous world public organizations, late Pope Joan Paul II, thousands of cultural workers of the world significance including about 20 Nobel Prize laureates have demanded their discharge. Hundreds of the committees to their support are acting in the world. Listen to their voice!!! That is the voice of reason!!!
Yes, You can free the Five Cuban Patriots fighters against the international terrorism!!!