Orange Hotel

Rem Sapozhnikov / May 2014
Orange Hotel chain is present in several cities of China. They have more than 10 hotels in Beijing.

My criteria for search of a hotel were simple: it must be cheap, near subway and Aeroexpress train line. As a result I chose the hotel near Jinsong (劲松 - Jìnsōng) subway station that is next to Panjiayuan where famous kind of antique and junk market is located. Orange hotel was in full compliance with my requirements and what is more it was not shabby. But the downside was the room size — it was extremely small; the bed occupied the most of the room. Bathroom was hidden behind the sliding door. Cost of accommodation without breakfast amounts to 279 yuan (1,646 roubles or 45 USD) per day.

On the right is the hotel.
The eastern part of the Third Ring Road near the hotel.
On the day of my departure the trip from the hotel to the airport took 1 hour and 10 minutes (8 subway stops and Aeroexpress train).

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This finishes my photo-report about the journey to China. Thank you for watching and reading. Please write your comments and post the link to my photo-report in your Blog or Twitter.

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