Mianshan Mountains, part I: Longtou Temple (龙头寺 - lóngtóusì)

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
Below is a selection of photos from the first bus stop. The Longtou Temple is located here and begins the ascent to the Longji Ridge (龙脊 - Lóngjí).

This photo gives you an idea of over what cliffs all roads and buildings are located.
Entry arch.
This tunnel leads deeper into the gorge to other attractions.
Fortification of the Tang Dynasty period (618-907). Built during the Emperor Taizong.
Within the Longtou Temple.
Longtou is translated as Dragon Head.
Guan Di Temple hall.
A beautiful view of the plains is opened from the mountains. No wonder that 1,500 years ago they built a military facility here. All troop movements were plainly visible.
Coal-fired plant.
Xingdecun village (兴地村 - Xìngdecūn).
High-speed railway line. Trains began to run there since July 2014.
Part of the bus parking wall was decorated with huge bas-relief with dragons.
This part of the bas-relief I shortly called: "Relationships".

Continuation :
Part II: Longji Ridge

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