Pingyao: Juguangju Hotel (居广居宾馆 - jūguǎngjū bīnguǎn)

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
I selected the hotel in Pingyao, as in Taiyuan, for close location to the train station. Accommodation with breakfast cost 168 yuan per day (990 roubles or 27 USD). In my overall experience, it was the most successful hotel during my trip. However, it also turned out to be the cheapest one.

By the hotel. Its building is the best in this part of the town.
From the corridor window one can see walls of the Old Town.
That is how the hotel looks like from the far southern section of the town wall. This means that from half of the hotel rooms you can see the Old Town.
Ban on smoking in public places came into force in China in 2011, but stubborn smokers do not want to change their habits. One morning in the hotel dining room, this man with a cigarette in his mouth quietly put his own food.
Right in front of the hotel there is a wonderful supermarket, which is very convenient.
At the supermarket, I bought a dragon fruit the size of a book.

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Railway station

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