From the Pingyao-Linfen train window

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
From Pingyao I went by train to the city of Linfen, which is also located in the Shanxi province. It is 166 km to it, 2.5 hours to go. The hard sleeper carriage ticket to the K689 train costs 78.5 yuan (463 roubles, or 12.5 USD).

Despite the fact that I was in China for the third time and often used trains, for the first time I went in a hard sleeper carriage.

After boarding the train ticket is exchanged for a plastic card. 30 minutes before arrival to the destination, the card is exchanged back to the ticket.
Coking plant of corporation "Antai" (安泰集​团 - Āntài jí​tuán).
I took this and the photo below from the bus, when I went to the town of Jiexiu. The motor road ran along the railway line.
Yaodong (窰洞 - Yáodòng) – is a rather popular type of housing in the Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces.
It is a cave dug into the hillside. In the photo you can see them in the background.
Yindingshan Park (银锭山公园).
New houses for employees of the coal company.
汾矿集​团河东煤业 - Fén kuàng jí​tuán hédōng méi yè
Subsidiary of Shanxi Coking (Group) Co.
Shanxi province has the largest proven coal reserves in China. The second place goes to the neighboring province of Inner Mongolia. In coal mining Shanxi is also an absolute leader. No wonder, that while traveling by rail, I used to see trains with coal, as well as a large number of loading stations.
Because of the numerous mines here there are sinkholes.
Lingshi town (灵石 - Língshí).
Nanhuanzhen town (南关镇 - Nánguānzhèn).
Huozhou town railway station (霍州 - Huòzhōu).
New giant road bridge crossing the valley.
Coal-fired power plant.
Zhaocheng town railway station (赵城 - Zhàochéng).
Another intersection with the new high-speed railway overpass.
Logically, the next section should be devoted to the city of Linfen, but it is not like that. Continued photo story will focus on the Mianshan Mountains. I went to these mountains from Pingyao. They were so great and beautiful that cannot be simply a subsection, they deserve a separate section in my photo story.

Continuation :
Mianshan Mountains

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