Pingyao: Street scenes

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
This subsection contains a compilation of different photos of Pingyao.

Tense game of Chinese chess Xiangqi (象棋 - xiàngqí) is going on.
Brisk trade is in progress in the Xiaxiguanjie Street (下西关街 - Xiàxīguānjiē), leading to the Old Town. The name is translated as "Street to the Lower Western Gates". There is another street "to the Upper Western Gates" (to the other ones, located to the south).
This, apparently, is a pregnant cat the most neat and well-groomed of those that I have seen in this trip to China. It lives in the Old Town eatery that specializes in food from chicken meat.
If you understand all that is written here, then, most likely, you are Chinese.
New houses in the southwestern part of Pingyao.
Fengyan Jianguo Fandian Hotel (峰岩建国饭店 - Fēngyán jiànguó fàndiàn).
Pingyao Police.
Municipality of Pingyao.
Big construction along the southern wall of the Old Town.
The Chinese are known worldwide for their skill to sleep in most different unusual places and uncomfortable positions. Almost like cats.
The Pingyao bus station is styled as an ancient Chinese pavilion.
Inside, the bus station is the most common.
Tourist center. Located south of the Old Town.
Here you can take a free map.
Inside this Tourist center there is a miniature of the Old Town.
Map of the Old Town.↑ Click for detailed view ↑
Funeral procession in the outskirts of Pingyao.

Continuation :
Juguangju Hotel

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