Taiyuan Railway Station

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
My arrival in Taiyuan coincided with the grandiose construction of the first metro line in the city. Railway Station Square and the neighboring streets were trenched. Walkways on the street Yingze, where my hotel was, were narrow and very bumpy in places. Once the rain started, all the lanes were covered with a dirty mess.

The penultimate Chinese Emperor Guangxu (光緒 - Guāngxù) decided to build a railroad to Taiyuan in the distant 1896. The construction only began in 1904. In October 1907 a new branch connected Taiyuan and Shijiazhuang.

This huge station building was built in 1975. Infrastructure of the station was rebuilt in 1993 and then in 2008, before the start of operation of the high-speed trains to Taiyuan.

Update 2016: Currently high-speed trains arrive to Taiyuan South Station.
Ticket Sales Hall.
Escalators immediately after entering the station building.
Corridor with shops. Waiting rooms are located on the both sides.
Waiting hall. You can not pass to the platform just like that.
Passengers are allowed to pass for boarding only 10-15 minutes prior to train departure.
Despite the huge crowd of people, a coffee shop, located in the same room, is empty.
I arrived in Taiyuan at the high speed train, and further on I will go on a common one.

* * *
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