Guangfu Ancient Town, part II (广府古城 - Guǎngfǔ gǔchéng)

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
As it turned out, the front gate of Guangfu Ancient Town is located on the east side. There is also the bus station (which is the final stop of the bus No. 605), shops and other tourist infrastructure. I started my acquaintance with the town from the Southern Gateway.

I decided not to follow that dug street, Guangfu met me with. I climbed the wall, instead. Nobody checked my tickets.
In a clockwise direction, I walked along the defensive wall. You can rent a single, double and even triple bike here. Sometimes I came across electric cars. They got there along the wall from the Eastern Gateway.
View from the southwest corner of the wall inside the town. It is evident that the pond is under beautification.
A small low-rise residential district was built to the west of the town.
A house inside the town walls.
I am approaching to the Western Gateway.
The height of the Guangfu wall is 10 meters, width – 8 meters.
Missionaries penetrate anywhere.
A mini-hydroplane is flying over the northern part of the town. There are many surveillance cameras installed on the wall.
I approach the Northern Gateway. Here I am going to get down from the wall and then go for a walk around the town.
Another one "attraction" is being built to the north of Guangfu. The Chinese know how to squeeze all the potential of the places interesting for tourists.
I am on the way to the town centre.
Local media report that the businessmen buy old houses from the inhabitants of the Ancient Town, then demolish them and rebuilt in the same places new buildings decorating them in the style of "beautiful vintage". Afterwards, hotels, restaurants and shops are opened in them.
Each pass to a courtyard is decorated with a "happiness" hieroglyph (福 - fú) and some panel picture.
I suppose, this is the most beautiful panel picture I have seen while walking.
View from the Eastern Gateway to the South. The circumference of the defensive ditch is more than 5 kilometers!
Eastern Gateway.
The complex of buildings in front of the Eastern Gateway. The bus No. 605 got into the shot. It runs between Guangfu and Handan at an interval of 15-20 minutes.
Frankly speaking, the information in English was insufficient; it was not clear where to go and what to see. "Isn’t it time to return to Handan?" - I thought.

* * *
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