Mianshan Mountains, part III: Baishu Mountain

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
In about 15 minutes, I reached the terminal stop of the tourist bus route. Most tourists come here for the sake of the Shuitaogou valley (水涛沟 - Shuǐtāogōu), to enjoy the many cascading waterfalls and mountain streams, hidden away in the woods and rocks.

I decided to climb the Baishu (柏树 - bǎishù) Mountain, whose name translates as Cypress Mountain.

Shuitaoxiangu Hotel (介休水涛仙谷宾馆 - Jièxiū Shuǐtāo xiān gǔ bīnguǎn) /aka God Valley Square Hotel/.
Cable car at Cypress Mountain.
Ticket price for the ride up – 45 yuan (265 roubles or 7 USD).
You can go up by the path as well.
Along the long path, passing into the steep stairs.
The upper cable car station.
Place of burial of Jie Zitui relics.
This building turned out to be the entrance to the elevator. On it, I went down to the level of the road connecting all the major tourist spots in the Mianshan Mountains. Ride on the elevator costs 15 yuan (88 roubles, or 2.5 USD).
Ground floor. Painted corridors.
To the right is the entrance to the elevator, to the left is a path leading into the Qixian valley. If you further go on the path, then you can walk over the water of a mountain stream, stepping on special stone stairs, fixed on the vertical walls of the gorge.
View from the bus stop to the tunnel.

Continuation :
Part IV: Yunfeng Temple

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