Beijing Airport Terminal 2

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
In 2011, the airport of Beijing became the second busiest airport in the world. With a view to the future growth of passenger traffic, one more international airport is planned to be built to the south from Beijing by 2018.

While preparing for the journey I have not paid attention to the fact that Aeroflot flies to Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 2. Therefore, on the one hand after landing I was a little bit surprised by the place of the plane parking. On the other hand, it was rather appropriate for me: I was in Terminal 3 in 2008, and during this visit I was going to come to Terminal 2 just to see how it looks.

Also I planned to find the place to buy railway tickets (now it is also available in Terminal 3) and reach the city by bus rather than by an Aeroexpress train.

Terminal 2 started to operate on November 1, 1999.
While the plane is parking and impatient passengers have already jumped up, you can take a window seat and take some pictures. Korean Air, Boeing 777-200ER, HL-7750.
KLM, Boeing 747-400 PH-BFV "Vancouver".
My plane. Aeroflot, Boeing 777-300ER, named in honour of Barclay de Tolly.
There is a departure lounge at a lower level. Passengers are waiting for their flight.
Duty free shops in the departure area.
On the way to the passport control upon arrival.
Queue at passport control.
A painting of the Great Wall of China right after the passport control.
Money exchange booth next to the baggage carousel.
There is a shop nearby.
The main hall of the air terminal.
First of all, right on the terminal building, I bought a train ticket for the next day.
The Aeroexpress train station is located under the building of air terminal. But this time I decided to take a bus to the city.
On the photo is Terminal 3. Aeroexpress trains to Beijing as cost 25 yuan in 2008, as still costs 25 yuan in 2014. When I flew from Moscow in April 2014, our Aeroexpress trains to Sheremetyevo cost 340 roubles, and when I came back in May the price was already 400 roubles.
From the airport to various points of the city goes 11 bus routes. On the upper photo you can see a bus routes map on the wall to the left. I was in need of route 7 going to the Beijing West Railway Station. Buses departs every 30 minutes. The fare is 24 yuan. Travel time is 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Ticket office is just across the road, and at first I didn't even noticed it!
The final stop of the bus is in front of the South entrance to the Beijing West Railway Station. This was very good – my hotel is located not far from it.

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