Railway stations of Luoyang City, Henan province

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
There are two main railway stations in Luoyang: old for conventional trains – in the North of the city, and the new one, for high-speed trains – quite far in the South part of the city.

I arrived and left on from the new railway station, which is named after the Longmen Grottoes.
I also strolled up to the old railway station which is on the photo above. First, I had to buy a train ticket to Handan.
Second, next to the old railway station a bus station is located, from where I went to Xiaolangdi Dam.
Ticket office hall. Cashier serves one passenger for 40-50 seconds. Me – for two minutes :)
New Luoyang South Station is called Longmen (洛阳龙门站 - Luòyáng Lóngmén zhàn).
New buildings already approached close to the railway station. ↑ Click for detailed view ↑
Organized access for taxis near the railway station. The passengers from the trains also are lining up to take a taxi. For the taxi ride to the hotel and back I paid the fare which was indicated on a taximeter. With a tip I paid for the trip 30 yuan. One of the taxi drivers asked me which car brands do we have in Russia and if there are any Chinese car brands.
Waiting hall.
At the railway station there are several shops with souvenirs and food, as well as several fast food points, including a world-famous, specializing in parts of chicken corpses (this is not a translation error).
As can be seen, high-speed trains are incredibly popular in China. In front in the queue to the right were standing three men who spoke Russian. One in a hat (who is leaving), and other two in a striped and purple shirts (accompanying persons).
From Luoyang City I am off to the Handan City, Hebei Province. The distance between them is 380 km, journey time is one hour 51 minutes. A ticket to the second-class coach of the bullet train G672 costs 174.5 yuan (1,030 roubles, or 28.3 USD).
Next are pictures taken from the train window on the way to Handan city.
Flyover junction of high-speed train lines.
The southern part of the city of Zhengzhou. By the way, I was in this city in 2008, but from that trip remained very few photos, because my photobank broke down in the way.
Fantastic flyover of the high-speed railway line.
The eastern part of the Zhengzhou city near the new station is actively built, as in Luoyang city.
In the North East of Zhengzhou the entire horizon is dotted with construction cranes.
One more railway junction near Zhengzhou. How many of them are here?
Yellow River. Video with my crossing of the Yellow River on the train in 2008 over another bridge, you can see on the page about Zhengzhou.
From the train window I often saw graves which were randomly located in the fields and slopes. Sometimes they were arranged in relative order forming small cemeteries.
Bullet train smoothly flies over the fields of China.
I'm not exaggerating when I say that the train flies.
304 km/h (189 mph).
If this railway would be in Russia it would be possible to get from Moscow to Yaroslavl in an hour.
New buildings on the outskirts of Handan City.

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