Huashan Hotel (华山客栈 - Huàshān kèzhàn)

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
I was pleased with Huashan Hotel. There are several buildings on its territory with rooms of different comfort level. I lived in the budget room with breakfast for the price of 198 yuan per day (1,168 roubles or 32 USD).

View of the hotel.
Reception at the hotel works fast.
My room.
View from my room.
The food in the hotel was good.
The hotel has its own patio.
In this patio lives a cat.
Next door there is a Huayue Hotel (华岳快捷酒店 - Huáyuè kuàijié jiǔdiàn).
Jiatong Hotel (交通宾馆 - Jiāotōng bīnguǎn).
Yinhe Hotel (银河酒店 - Yínhé jiǔdiàn).
Yuquan street (玉泉路 - Yùquán lù), is leading to the walking trail to the mountain.
On a square at the foot of the mountain Chinese are arranging the evening dancing.
Entrance arch at the beginning of the trail leading to the top of Huashan Mountain.

Continuation :
Railway stations

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