Xiaolangdi Dam (小浪底 - Xiǎolàngdǐ)

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
I had a choice of where to go: to the Shaolin Temple or the Xiaolangdi Dam. What was my choice – is clear. Someday I want to visit the Three Gorges hydropower plant on the Yangtze River. But while I have the opportunity to go to the hydroelectric power station on the Huanghe River. Xiaolangdi project included the construction of hydropower plant to generate electricity, the creation of the reservoir – for flood control or irrigation.

There is a bus that goes to Xiaolangdi Dam from the bus station located opposite the old railway station. The distance is 40 km.

Here I bought a ticket for 7 yuan.
My bus left from the bus station at 10:15. On the way it stopped in another small bus station, which is hidden among the houses. From there we left at 10:30.
By the way, in China before the departure of intercity buses a controller comes into the salon and checks whether all passengers and the driver have fastened the seat belts!

My bus arrived at the West entrance of Xiaolangdi Dam at 11:20. Please note that this is not the final bus stop. I advise you to start a walk here, since otherwise you will have to ascend the dam on foot, rather than go down from it.
Price of the entrance ticket is 60 yuan.
The maquette of the surrounding area with the reservoir, the dam and park area.
The dam height is 154 meters, length 1317 meters. The main construction was carried out from May 1994 to November 2000.
The installed capacity of HPP — 1836 MW. Average annual output — 5.1 TWh.
There is an exhibition hall near the dam, which tells about all stages of the construction of Xiaolangdi, and briefly about other hydropower plants in China.
Passage over the dam was closed.
I have to go down along this gigantic structure.
A big park for visitors was laid out near the dam.
Didn't forgot to build toilets.
A small pond with lotus flowers and frogs.
This place is the old bed of the Huanghe (Yellow) River.
Tipper, which participated in the construction of the dam.
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During my visit to the Xiaolangdi Dam there was no water discharge. One should come here during the rainy season or immediately after it.
But I will show you how water discharge looks like. Such advertising of Xiaolangdi Dam is glued on the seat backs of the CRH high-speed trains.
This photo of water discharge belongs to Xinhua News Agency. Photographed in June 2010.
Judging by this place festive activities are carried out here. ↑ Click for detailed view ↑
Square with unusual art compositions.
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Further I'll cross the river by a long resilient bridge to the other bank of Huanghe River.
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I crossed the river. View from the Northern bank of Huanghe.
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View of Xiaolangdi Dam.
Along this road I went to the North entrance. A car parking and a bus final stop are situated in front of it. I am returning to Luoyang.

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