Huashan Mountain, West cable car

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
West cable car was launched on April 1, 2013. Its length is 4 200 meters. You can go up to West Peak of the Huashan Mountain using this road.

The bus does not drive to the cable car station despite the fact that there is such an opportunity. Tourists leave the bus about 500 m from the station and go by foot through the gorge, upstairs through the arcs so beloved by Chinese. It is a light warm-up for foot before starting the walk to the Mountain.

Walking through such a beautiful gorge is pleasant.
At the end of the not so long path the ticket office of the cable road, one more toilet, shops and cafés are situated.
Ticket for West cable car for 140 yuan (one way!).
There is one more staircase to the station, and then inside the building it is necessary to go to the third floor.
I am setting off on a trip.
Ascent to the West Peak of Huashan Mountain with the help of the cable car takes 25 minutes.
Intermediate station.
Video size: 14Mb.
Upper station of the West cable car of the Huashan Mountain is a cave carved in the rock.
Inside the upper station.
Entrance to the cable car station.
Ticket booth.

Continuation :
West and South Peaks

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