Handan: Jinan Hotel (冀南宾馆 - Jìnán bīnguǎn)

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
The hotel has a pretty good location: city center, a bit away from a busy street, deep in the quarter. Nearby there is the City Museum, and across the street – the eastern entrance to Congtai Park. The accommodation with breakfast costs 230 yuan (1357 roubles or 37 USD).

Jinan Hotel name comes from Ji (冀) hieroglyph indicating Hebei province rather than from the name of Jinan city (济南), the capital of Shandong province. Jinan (冀南) is the Southern Hebei. Handan is located almost in the south of this province. Ji hieroglyph (冀) is also used in vehicles registration numbers registered in Hebei.
First floor.
Unusual layout of a guest room. No traditional passage with a door to the bathroom straight after entrance into the room.
The bathroom is excessively large and looks empty. The window is as big as 2/3 of the wall.
Breakfast was not a problem. Even demanding guests will find something to their taste. The dining room is located in a neighboring building. You have to go through the courtyard of the hotel to reach it.
Take the opportunity and eat a dragon fruit.
At the supermarket, I turned attention to some fermented milk product with the image of Saint Sophia Cathedral in Harbin on its package. Was quite tasty (完达山 冰城传统 风味酸牛奶).

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