Huashan Mountain, East Peak

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
From the South Peak I went to the East Peak. Along the way I glanced to a place where the trail "Heavenly Stairs" begins. Russian tourists call it "Trail of death".

The mountain is wrapped in a blanket of silver snow.
Golden Heaven Palace (金天宫 - Jīntiāngōng).
View towards the East Peak.
Same place, but a picture is made with a zoom lens.
Stone stairs on the ridge leading to the East Peak.
Here begins the trail "Heavenly Stairs" (长空栈道 - chángkōng zhàndào).
Turned out that one bottle of water was not enough for a walk through the Huashan Mountain. I had to buy more water on the way at a price of 3.5 times higher than in the mountain foot. Water, noodles and other snacks to the feed points are delivered by such porters.
The Chess Pavilion (下棋亭 - Xiàqítíng).
It's too crowded on the East Peak.
East Peak another name is Facing Sun Peak, because this is best place to admire sunrise in Huashan.
I think that in the head of this Chinese man flashed next thoughts: "So much studied, worked, and everything may go down the drain because of a stupid kinda cool photo".
Too many people. Don't repeat my mistake, don't come here on weekends. Time to go to the North Peak and then descend from the Huashan Mountain.

Continuation :
North Peak and cable car

* * *
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