Walking around Beijing

Rem Sapozhnikov / May 2014
This page presents several photos from my walk around Beijing.

The ubiquitous McDonald's is beautifully decorated in the Chinese style.
Tasty Beijing kefir suannai (酸奶 - suānnǎi). You have to drink it in place piercing the paper package with a plastic tube and then it is necessary to give the jar back.
Bell Tower (钟楼 - Zhōnglóu) /in the photo above/ and Drum Tower situated next to each other were constructed for the first time in 1272. Wooden structure had been burnt down many times before the new one made of stone and brick, height of 48 meters, was built in 1745.
One of the Ruifuxiang Silk Stores.
Qianhai Lake.
The White Stupa (白塔 - Báitǎ) in Beihai Park (北海 - Běihǎi). Built on top of the Qionghuadao (琼华岛 - Qiónghuádǎo) island in 1651. It was destroyed by earthquakes in 1679, 1730 and 1976, and then each time it was restored.
The height of the Stupa is 36 meters.
View to the north, Beihai Lake is in the foreground.
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Only at home I noticed on the photo an unknown very tall tower somewhere far to the north of Beijing. It turned out to be a futuristic look sightseeing tower with the height of 247 meters (810 feet) the construction of which was just finished near the southern entrance to the Beijing’s Olympic Forest Park! It was opened for visitors on August 18, 2014.
The downtown on Beijing was overcrowded on May holidays. The northern entrance to the Forbidden City is on the picture.
View of the Forbidden City from the man-made hill with height of 46 meters in Jingshan Park (景山 - Jǐngshān).
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The fact that it became so full of people that you couldn't have dropped a pin a little bit cast a pall over my day. At all cost avoid the Beijing’s downtown on holidays.
Hill in Jingshan Park was made of soil rest after construction of the moat outside the Forbidden City.
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Galeries Lafayette shopping mall in Beijing.
Jianlou - the Archery Tower (箭楼 – Jiànlóu).
Third Ring Road.
Entrance of Qingfeng Park (庆丰公园 - Qìngfēng gōngyuán). Opened in September, 2009.
Favorite superheroes of Chinese people: Wolverine, Spiderman and Putin.

Continuation :
Silk Market

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