Taiyuan: Street scenes

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
Yingze (迎泽 - Yíngzé) is the central street of the city (see the first two pictures below). In Taiyuan, there is an amusing story about the origin of its name. Yingze Street was built in 1955. It was allegedly prepared for the arrival of Mao Zedong (毛泽东 - Máo Zédōng) to the city. The first hieroglyph Yin, in the street name, is translated as "to meet" or "welcome". The second hieroglyph Ze, is short for Zedong. There is a certain irony in the fact that Mao Zedong has never come to Taiyuan.

Night view of the Yingze Street from the Huayuan Hotel.
Bikes rental system is widely spread in the city.
Sometimes you have to wait until someone will take the bike and you can return yours.
I took a photo of some crossroads and two rental bikes got in the picture.
I once stood at the bus stop and was surprised to see how often people use bike rental.
As I understood it, only Chinese can rent a bike, because the dispensers for giving a bicycle require Chinese electronic identity card. For the same reason I could not buy tickets from vending machines that sell train tickets, and had to go to the ticket windows.
Sad Chinese cat on a leash.
In my presence it got up, walked a little bit to the left and right, and then lied down, as it used to rest before.
And this frightened cat used to run down the alley near my hotel.
Shied away from all the people, like from fire, tried to eat any trash.
I filmed this church on the way to the Jinci Temple.
On the way back I had no strength to get off the bus and walk around, go inside.
Coal Museum. Will come in, when visit the place again.
Due to construction of the subway, as well as to renovate the existing buildings, the street parallel to the railroad, has been completely excavated and many old buildings have been demolished.
Muslim cemetery. Unfortunately, by the time of my arrival it was already closed (回民公墓 - Huímín gōngmù).
LBBM – Chinese BMW in the world of clothing.
Here you can buy handles for pots and frying pans and the master will immediately fix them.
The dog accompanied me long enough as I walked through the city towards the Twin Pagoda Temple, but noticeably got tense, when I decided to photograph him.
Before closing, I went to this mall. I did not buy the suit.
Another mall exactly opposite of the one, which is in the picture above.
These turtles were sold in one of the lanes of the city. As soon as I photographed them, these poor creatures were raised by the red rope, and they began to bang with their shells with a specific sound.
It is cold in Taiyuan in winter.
Even by the end of April, some drivers are too lazy to remove warming gloves from the scooters handlebar.

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Huayuan Hotel

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