The Great Cloud or Iron Buddha Head Temple

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
Not far from my hotel, I noticed a lovely pagoda, which was not marked on the map. It emerged that it was the Golden-Domed Pagoda (金顶宝塔 - Jīndǐngbǎotǎ), located in the Great Cloud Temple (大云寺 - Dàyúnsì) also known as the Temple of the Iron Buddha Head (铁佛寺 - Tiěfósì).

The Temple was built in 632. After a thousand years or so, in 1695 it was destroyed in the earthquake. The reconstruction of the Pagoda dates from 1715, the reign period of the Kangxi Emperor of the Qing Dynasty.
According to various sources, the Pagoda is 30-35 meters high.
I have some doubts about the fact that this is the main entrance to the Temple.
I was surprised a lot when I saw the statue of Mao Zedong at the entrance to the Temple. They are not so numerous in China, as it seemed to me. Even more, they are few enough. After comeback to Moscow, I looked through the Chinese Internet to find the answer to my question, what that statue did there. However, people in Chinese blogs I could find were surprised even greater.
One of the courtyards of the Temple.
The Golden-Domed Pagoda is a six-story structure with the first five floors of a square shape and the last sixth floor of a hexagon shape.

At the bottom of the Pagoda behind the doors (closed that morning of my visit) there is a huge 10-ton Buddha head cast in iron during the reign of the Tang dynasty, about 1300 years ago.
Buddha head is about 6 meters high with a diameter of about 5 meters.
Photo source:
Photo source:
You can see this plate near the entrance to the Temple. I thought it meant something like "protected by the state" but it turned out to be just "an office" (办公室 - bàngōngshì). Long line translated as "Linfen City Museum, Educational Activities of the Party Line."
临汾市 (Línfénshì) 博物馆 (bówùguǎn), 党的群众路线 (dǎng de qúnzhòng lùxiàn) 教育 (jiàoyù) 实践活动 (shíjiàn huódòng)

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