Zhangqiu Haitai Hotel (章丘海泰饭店 - Zhāngqiū Hǎitài fàndiàn)

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
After arriving in Beijing I have settled at Zhangqiu Haitai Hotel. I chose it because it is located close to the West Railway Station, from where I have set off for Taiyuan. Accommodation cost 269 yuan (1587 roubles or 44 USD), without breakfast.

The room was with slight smell of tobacco.
Good view from the window at "the urban landscape".
In the next building there is a Domino's pizzeria, and across the street at the crossroads – McDonald's.
On the wall of pizzeria hangs a photograph with the Russian colleagues.
Near the hotel is located a Lianhuachi Park (莲花池公园 - Liánhuāchí gōngyuán). Stand with a man wishes happiness.
One of the entrances to the Park is located directly opposite the hotel, the other at the West Railway Station, and another from the Western part of the Third Ring Road.
The park's name is translated as Lotus pond.
The same smog, about which I was reading the whole autumn and winter in the Chinese news.
In the spring it is still there.

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