Beijing subway

Rem Sapozhnikov / May 2014
Subway in Beijing is rather good, since 2008 the fare has not changed and still amounts to 2 yuan (12 roubles). The only unhappy memory is connected with long line of people for baggage check and purchase of tickets in payment terminal at Beijing West Railway Station. To reach subway through the turnstiles is turned out to be rather difficult because of the Chinese rudely elbowing on each side. Finally I passed through the crowd; I’m still in shock. But this situation happened to me on May holidays and only at the railway station. I didn’t face such problems at other stops and new line 14 seemed to me even peopleless.

So that was the subway map in October, 2008.
This one – in April, 2014. It’s easy to see that the number of lines and stations has increased. The second circle line (No. 10) is finished; its length is 54.8 km and it has 45 stations!
Inside the car on the 14th line of the subway.
Garden Expo Park station (园博园站 - Yuánbóyuán zhàn) on 14th subway line.
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Jianguomen station (建国门站 - Jiànguómén zhàn). The celestial bodies refer to the ancient observatory located about 50m from the station entrance. (Thank you Brian!)
Chaoyangmen station (朝阳门站 - Cháoyángmén zhàn).
Qilizhuang station (七里庄站 - Qīlǐzhuāng zhàn).

Continuation :
Walking around Beijing

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