Down by the Fenhe riverside

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
In 2010, a recreation park was opened along many kilometers of both Fenhe riversides. Here are a few photos of the park on both sides of the river.

Park on the west river bank.
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This stone takes pride of place in the park, as the natural pattern on one of its sides looks like a flying dragon.
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The park have an automated bicycle rental.
Fenhe River. View to the north.
Park and promenade on the east river bank.
I accidentally wandered into the incompleted zone of the park looking like a training camp located on an island in the pond.
This Chinese-style pavilion is in the middle of the obstacle line.
Next, I managed to pass to the amusement park.
And through it – to the city.
The road parallel to the Fenhe River. Look, what a lovely landscape! In the background you can see a new development of the city. Nearby they have already knocked down the old buildings and are going to build a large block.
This broad traffic strip of colorful plants separates the roadway from the pavement. It is located along the road leading from the seafront to the center of the city.
More new buildings along the Fenhe River.

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Streets of Linfen

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