Mianshan Mountains: Tourist center

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
Visiting the Mianshan Mountains starts with the located at the foot of the mountain a huge tourist center that looks like a modern station in any major city. The magnitude is impressive.

In the central hall of this center in front of the entrance there is a miniature of the Mianshan Mountains. I managed not to notice it while I was there.
I was pleasantly surprised to find explanatory markings in Russian. Russian, they are waiting for us!
Entrance ticket. Price is 160 yuan. The price includes multiple bus fare. For another 10 yuan you can buy a map of the mountains.
Partial scan of a map with routes in the Mianshan Mountains. ↑ Click for detailed view ↑
Shop with souvenirs.
I specifically give a close-up that you can see that markings are translated into Russian as well.
↑ Click for detailed view ↑
These buses transport tourists to the mountains, and then they run between the stops. Fare is a part of the entrance ticket price.
View from the bus during the ascent into the mountains.
Sometimes it seemed to me that I was on the plane, but not on the bus.
Halfway into the mountains there is a gas station. Apparently, so that the service vehicles in the mountains should not go every time down to the plain for refueling.
Smoke free area. This is the first sign that caught my eye after I got off the bus. It is clear that machine translation from English into Russian was used.
Scheme of bus stops. The stops I have visited are marked in green. But this does not mean that these attractions are present in the photo-report.
The first bus stop, top view. There is a Longtou Temple here and begins the ascent to the Longji Ridge.

Continuation :
Part I: Longtou Temple

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