Streets of Linfen

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
I memorized Linfen with its horrible drivers and my constant difficulties in crossing wide roads in the city center. Until then, I thought that the worst drivers in China live in Kaili. Now the drivers from Linfen take the first prize. I met none of the underground or the overground walkways. Crossing a road at a light, I kept expecting a car, a bike, a scooter or a bus jumping out on me at any moment from the left, from the right, from my back or from my front. Any vehicle usually jumped out from the most unexpected side. I repeat that the problem was only in the central streets of the city. I watched one of the intersections and found out that local pedestrians suffer from their drivers in exactly the same way.

The Drum Tower in Linfen is the second highest in China. Its height is about 44 meters. It is a bit lower than that one in Beijing. The first tower was built on this place around 1000 years ago. It was rebuilt many times throughout its existence.

The wooden part of the tower was assembled without the use of nails.
Sculptural composition "Three sources of culture" (三源文化纪念碑 - Sān yuán wénhuà jìniànbēi).
Keeping in mind the names of three books I will try to read into the three sources the author of the sculpture was thinking about. 1. The humankind was born in these places. 2. The Chinese Civilization has risen on these lands. 3. The decayed State of Jin became a source of three new kingdoms – Wei, Zhao and Han.
If you have another opinion, about what are these three sources, write me an email.

Sculptural composition "Ridge" (脊梁 - Jǐliang) is located on the square next to the Drum Tower.
In all the cities I visited, the Chinese always go to squares or parks in the evening - for dancing, sports, singing or playing musical instruments. Bravo!
Shuxiangju Business Hotel (蜀香居商務酒店).
"Сentury all joys shopping center" (世纪百悦购物中心 - Shìjì bǎi yuè gòuwù zhòng xīn).
Amount (金额 - jīn'é): 120 yuan
Amount of fuel (油量 - Yóu liáng): 16.62 l.
Price per liter: 7.22 yuan (42.59 roubles or 1.16 USD /4.39 USD per gallon/ )
Most likely, this is a Qixing Kaiyuan Hotel (七星开源大酒店).
Every day in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening you can see helicopters flying over the city. The aerodrome is located in the southern part of the city, near the Temple of Yao. When I was nearby, I took a photo of one of the helicopters numbered LH91714.
Evening in Linfen.
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In Linfen there are quite a lot modern and stylish public toilets.
During my short staying in the city, I took pictures of some of them.
Chinese flag on the Pingyang Square.
Came into the butcher shop to buy water.
New condominium in the South of the city.
Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs.
Timid dog eats dumplings.
It's so nice to rest in the garden!
Sculptural composition "Clothes styles of different epochs".
In front of the entrance to the Emperor Yao Temple (it's located behind).
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Huabiao column (华表 - huábiǎo) in honor of Emperor Yao.
办现代化学校 育创新型人才
My loose translation: "The modern school should cultivate new talents".

Continuation :
Honglou Hotel

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