Huayin town (华阴 - Huáyīn), Shaanxi Province

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
The next day, after the ascent to Huashan Mountain, I decided to stroll through the nearby provincial Huayin town with a population of 260 thousand people. By the way, the new railway station for high-speed trains is located about a kilometer to the north from this town. There are a lot of taxis in this place, but they do not want to ride by the taximeter and, surprisingly, they are hard to bargain. The standard fee for the ride to the town or to any of two railway stations is 20 yuan. Only the fifth in a row taxi driver agreed to take me from the hotel to the Huayin town for 15 yuan. In doing this he looked as a man who just ate a lemon.

Huayue Avenue (华岳大道 - Huáyuèdàdào). Huayin became a town recently – in 1990.
Yuemiao street leading from Huayue Avenue to the Xiyue Temple.
Morning exercises on the Square in front of the Temple.
Xiyue Temple (西岳庙 - Xīyuèmiào). Xiyue translates as West Mountain, so formerly called Huashan Mountain.
Public toilet.
Construction of the new district.
Chinese street murals. Immediately is clearly from where the artist drew inspiration.
Playboy shop sells women handbags.
This road begins near the Huashan Hotel and leads to the Huayin town.

Continuation :
Huashan Hotel

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