The Old Town of Pingyao

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
The main attraction of Pingyao is the walled Old Town. Here, as nowhere else in China, the town image of Ming and Qing empires period has been preserved. The Old Town, as well as temples Zhenguosi (12 km from Pingyao) and Shuanglinsi (6 km from Pingyao) have been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

So in the 14th century the city became like this. The very first settlement appeared here in 827 BC. Instead of a brick wall, the early Pingyao was surrounded by earth mound.

The entrance ticket to visit museums, administrations, residences, banks and, above all, the city wall in the territory of the city. The ticket price is 120 yuan (708 roubles or 19 USD). Valid for 3 days from date of purchase.
Below is a selection of photos from different parts of the Old Town.

Yunjincheng Perform Center.
Hongqizhai house is located near the South Gate of the Old Town. It is the largest house in Pingyao, it covers an area of 3,000 sq.m. Built 400 years ago.
Maybe this cat was the inspiration for the painting above. This pussy lives in one of the eateries on the Shunchenglu Street, near the railway station. In my observation, it is badly fed there. Before leaving Pingyao I saw it with absolutely gnawed fish skeleton, which it dragged in the teeth from somewhere to its home in the diner.
Gift shop in the Hongqizhai house.
Pingyao is famous for its beef, the city walls, canvas shoes and lacquerware. The latter are, basically, screens, cabinets and jewelry boxes. Products are usually decorated with drawings of flowers, scenes from classic novels or legendary heroes. Jewelry boxes are sold throughout the city. You can buy them even in the hotel.


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The city wall

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