Train trip from Linfen to Huashan

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
On this train number K689 I arrived in Linfen, on it I depart for Mount Huashan, in the neighboring province of Shaanxi.

Travel time is 5 hours. Distance 274 km. A ticket to the soft sleeping car worth 135.5 yuan (800 rubles or 22 USD).
Ferris wheel is already built, now they will quickly finish to build all the rest.
Drinking water and yogurt. In the background on the left is visible a box of cookies. It was so tasteless that I had to go to rinse my mouth.
Yuncheng City, one day I hope to come here.
Xiechi Salt Lake (解 池 - Xièchí) near the city of Yuncheng. The lake area is 132 The healing properties of its waters are compared with the properties of water from the Dead Sea in Israel.
The train goes along the railroad embankment directly across the lake. From both sides it is surrounded by water.

Yesterday the Yellow River, today Yellow River, every day the Yellow River!
And it's true. Yesterday I was at the Hukou Waterfall, located on the Yellow River 250 km to the north from this place, and a few days later, I will again find myself on the banks of the Yellow River, but at 250 km to the east.
My not very fast train arrived in Huashan at Old Station. Further, I will do all my transfers to Beijing on a high-speed trains. Right from the platform offers a picturesque view of the mountains.

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