Parks of Taiyuan

Rem Sapozhnikov / April 2014
I didn't have enough time for a good walk around Taiyuan. One should come to this city for a few days to see everything they want. One day I'll include again Taiyuan in my route around China.

I want to confess that in fact I did not see the blue sky in the days of my stay in the city. There was slight smog or it was cloudy.

Embankment along the Fenhe River.
On the other side of the river you can see the museum dedicated to the Shanxi province.
I did not have time to go and look at the floating dragon.
Children's Park (儿童公园 - Értóng gōngyuán). It is called like this.
Children in the park were from stone, but played from the heart.
Map of the park.
Pet markets in China, which I was able to visit, makes my heart ache. Coming straight out of the Children's Park in this flea market, I saw a hunt for a small bird, which could not fly, but rather expertly was jumping away from its pursuer with a stick. At a certain moment the man managed to hit the birdie with its stick and it rolled head over heels on the concrete path, where another "bird lover" quickly grabbed it.
Video from the market. Size: 24Mb.

Chongshansi Temple (崇善寺 - Chóngshànsì).
Entrance to the Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs.
Entrance to the Yingze Park (迎泽公园 - Yíngzé gōngyuán).
Lake in the Yingze Park.

Continuation :
Street scenes

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