Dragon Palace (Lónggōng - 龙宫), Guizhou Province. Part 2.

October 2011
After the Buddhist temple, going along the mountain slope, I found myself at the entrance to the cave. It occurred to me that if I went down these stairs, I would come to the place where the visit of the Dragon's Palace starts. But no, at the bottom of the cave there was another path leading up to the exit on the other side of the mountain. The cave was quiet and cool. I could hear the dripping water from somewhere, there were no people and voices. While there, I thought that if there is an earthquake, they will never find me. Nobody knows I'm here. I doubt they will excavate the cave.

Such a beautiful view I saw at the exit of the cave.
There was also a saleswoman with cold drinks, which was very handy.
Very frightened kitten.
On the territory there are a lot of decent toilets. These are not the shameful stinky blue booths in Moscow parks.
I measured with my feet all these valleys and slopes.
Finally, I am in the place of departure of boats to the Dragon Palace Caves.

Continuation :
Dragon Palace, part 3

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