Chongqing Zoo (重庆动物园 - Chóngqìng dòngwùyuán)

October 2011
I liked the Chongqing Zoo. Certainly it is much better than a zoo in Nanjing, and certainly not worse than a zoo in Beijing. The small size of some cells confused me, especially with wild boars and bears. It would be good to explain to visitors that they should not scream and peck on the grating and the glass to attract attention.

Admission fee is 30 yuans (150 roub / $4.7). The easiest way to get there is by subway.

The largest number of foreign tourists (several groups on buses) I have met here. Either they bring them to see pandas whether to put themselves on display.

Blue magpie.
Ailurus fulgens
Red Panda.
Pandas settled in well.
What a beautiful look has a lion-tailed macaque (Wanderoo).
Mandrill. Very attentive to the visitors.
When a Chinese with an unconventional appearance stopped at the cell, it distracted from eating and stared at him for a while.
Chimpanzees are bored, now I’ll make a close-up.
Anubis baboon resembles a sleeping passenger on the top berth in the compartment.
Small rhesus macaque is very playful.
Children in baskets behind the back are exotic for me.

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