Tongren Railway Station

October 2011
Tongren Railway Station with an excessively large area in front of it is located in the north of the city. From Tongren, the K74 train, the same that brought me here from Huaihua, took me to the starting point of my trip – the city of Chongqing. The circle has closed. I spent a few days in Chongqing and then returned to Moscow.

This is the final page of my photo-story. I look forward to a new journey. The Heavenly Empire has a lot of places that I want to visit and the places where I was before and where I want to return. China is a very interesting, great and friendly country to travel. Come to China!

Tongren railway station.
Northern Bus Tongren is somewhere a mile from the railway station, and find it not so easy. It is hidden in one of the lanes leading from the street Nanchanchenlu (Nán chángchéng lù - 南长城路), close to Avenue Duntaydadao (Dōngtài dàdào - 东太大道).
Map with the location of the railway and bus stations.
Point of sale of railway tickets is located on the west bank of the Jingjiang river just north of the bridge Ximen (Xīmén dàqiáo - 西门大桥) on the street Jinjiangbeilu (Jǐnjiāngběi lù - 锦江北路).
(Huǒchē piào dài shòu diǎn - 火车票代售点).

* * *

This concludes the story about my second trip to China.
Thank you for watching and reading.


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