Nine-Dragon Cave, part 2

October 2011
The legend says that six yellow dragons used to live on the mountain who, for some purpose, arranged a meeting in a cave for the three black dragons that lived near the river Jinjiang (Jǐnjiāng - 锦江). All the dragons liked the cave so much, that everyone decided to make its own nest there. Forgetting about their different colors, the dragons flung whole-heartedly into the housing problem. Failing to agree on anything till dawn, they climbed onto the stalagmites and fell asleep. What happened next is unknown, but that's why the cave got its name.

Later the cave was discovered by people who made multicolored lights, paved roads and bridges, have come up with different names of stalactites and stalagmites, and prepared the tickets.

According to some sites, there is the longest stalactite in China there. It falls short 2 cm to 40 meters, with a diameter of 16.4 meters. Also the cave has 12 more stalactites that are higher than 20 meters.


Continuation :
Tongren streets

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