Chongqing Amusement Park (游乐园 - Yóulèyuán)

October 2011
As early as at the first day after arrival in Chongqing, during an evening walk, I noticed an observation wheel on the opposite side of the Yangtze. So, while walking in the Nan'an District, knowing where the wheel is, I could not not go there in any way. I was not interested in rides, I only needed to have a view over the Yangtze and Chongqing. I was lucky with the weather that day – the opposite bank was visible.

It turned out, that the entrance to the park is free, in the park next to the observation wheel there is an excellent viewing platform and, in principle, the wheel is not need there. But I still took a ride. It cost me 10 yuans (50 roub/$1.5). Photos through the bluish glass booth are not very good, windows cannot be opened, the air in the cabin is terribly sultry.

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