Arhat Temple

October 2011
The beauty of the centuries-old temple Luohansi (罗汉寺 - Luóhànsì), which is also called the temple of the Arhats, that, after standing there for a long time, it managed to survive, and then fit in with its three floors of antiques in the tight central part of Chongqing, with its old and new skyscrapers.

In the temple Luohansi there is a freestanding pavilion with 524 completely different statues of Arhats. Unfortunately, pictures cannot be taken there, but the temple is worth visiting.

The ticket costs 10 yuans (50 roub/$1.5).

The entrance to the temple.
In the distant part of the complex there is a small and cozy patio.

Continuation :
Memorial Geleshan

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