Qianli Changhe Hotel (Qiānlǐ chánghé dà jiǔdiàn - 千里长河大酒店)

October 2011
I still remember the phrase "a room with a window" from the description of the hotel during booking. This my window of the room on the fifth floor (street side) which looked in a small bustling courtyard at the level of the second floor. The first thing I did was to put curtains on the window, and I did not approach it any longer

Another strange thing is that I have not seen a single lodger, only heard. Hot water was intermittent and appeared exactly when the hotel was filled with Chinese voices and clinking of luggage.

I came for breakfast completely alone. In a bowl of immense size they brought me noodles with ginger and something else. Forks were not there. I had to ask for a bowl of a smaller size, put in it as much as I could actually eat for breakfast, and then struggle with chopsticks. Well, just in case of an emergency before the trip I had a bit of training with chopsticks.

But the location of the hotel is very good. As soon as you get out of it and turn left, go a little, and immediately find yourself on the Big Bridge, which offers beautiful views of Fenghuang.

Room Deluxe Standard Room cost me 218 yuans (1090 roubles / $ 34).


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