Zunyi, Mount Fenghuangshan (凤凰山 - Fènghuáng shān)

October 2011
Mount Fenghuangshan is a park, located in Zunyi downtown. Alleys to enter this mountain park are located on all sides. I decided to climb on the east side, walk through and go down through the main entrance on the western slope. Judging by the map, the length of such route is a little more than 2 km. I slightly lost my way in the forest park and went out through the residential neighborhood, just slightly to the south of the planned exit point.

Small tower on top of the mountain Fenghuangshan.
Ascend begins with a long market.
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Dried snakes.
All large and small grounds in the forest park are filled with people.
The front entrance to the forest park. Residents of Zunyi are very fond of badminton.

Continuation :
Streets of Zunyi

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