Guiyang Railway Station

October 2011
Most of all at the station I liked the machine, where you could yourself buy the train tickets. However, they do not sell tickets to any city in China, and only to the nearest to Guiyang places. To the east – to Yuping (玉屏 - Yùpíng), to the south-west – to Liupanshui (六盘水 - Liùpánshuǐ), to the north – to Chongqing and, I think, even to Chengdu.

In front of the railway station there is a comfortable boarding to taxi and buses.

If you exit from the station and keep to the right, then quite nearby there will be an underground walkway, which can bring you to the boarding on the bus.

The most appropriate for tourists – are the usual city double-decker buses with numbers 1 and 2, which run from the train station on the circular route through the city's busiest streets. The difference between them is that one moves clockwise and the other – counterclockwise.

At the station in the queue for a taxi, which will take me to the hotel.

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Homytel Hotel

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