Tongren bridges

October 2011
A new pedestrian bridge over the River Jingjiang ("brocade river") and a shopping mall (铜仁 锦江风光 亲水走廊).
Bridge Dongmen / Eastern Gate / (东门大桥 - Dōngmén dàqiáo).
From the bridge Dongmen are visible bridges Dongshan (东山大桥) and Jinjiang (锦江大桥).
Titled to the river bridge Jingjiang (锦江大桥 - Jǐnjiāng).
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Ximen bridge /West Gate/ (西门大桥 - Xīmén dàqiáo).
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Jintan Bridge / Golden Beach / (金滩大桥 - Jīntān dàqiáo).
A woman with a cart full of oranges on the Jintan Bridge.
Below are photos with views from the bridge in different directions.
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Qingshui Bridge /Clear water/ (清水大桥 - Qīngshuǐ dàqiáo). Baoxin Hotel to the left (宝鑫大酒店 - Bǎo xīn dàjiǔdiàn).

Below is the photo with view from the Qingshui Bridge.

Continuation :
Fantian Suofeite Hotel

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