Various Photos of Guiyang

October 2011
In the underground walkway, near my hotel, at a convenience store with movies there was such a billboard. I immediately came up with the name: “I'll be back in 2012.”
A monument to the girl, resident of the Guizhou province, who first realized that a dog is a man's best friend, but not a juicy piece of meat.
Riverside Park (河滨公园 - Hébīn Gōngyuán).
In his by far the not smallest bowl, he squeezes in his hand two bills of 1 yuan each.
The best counter at Wal-Mart is the counter of sweets.
People in different places of the planet tie down living creatures, and some of them are placed to freeze on the ice (for freshness). If these victims of human hands could scream, they would have been gagged so that not to scare away the buyers.

Would you buy crabs screaming in pain and horror?
Meat candy.
Experimental school.
The Guiyang cat.
“The dinner is away off, I can take a nap” – thought the policeman in the center of Guiyang, and fell asleep.

Continuation :
Railway station

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