Chongqing People's Square (人民广场 - Rénmín guǎngchǎng)

October 2011
Walking around the hilly and narrow area Yuzhong, with winding, confusing streets, one can only wonder how the whole square so knowingly and inconspicuously was squeezed in here. It is interesting but under the main city square, or at least a part of it, there is an operating U.S. store Wal-mart.

Against each other in the square, there is perhaps the most colorful symbol of Chongqing – the People's Great Hall and the Three Gorges Museum. The ticket to the People's Great Hall costs 10 yuans (50 roub/$1.5), but there is not much to look at and, I'm sorry, the smells in the corridors there are not the best, outside it is 10,000 times more beautiful.

If from the People's Great Hall descend to the square and go to its other side, then we’ll get into the Three Gorges Museum, the entrance to which is free. To my bad luck two halls on the first floor just dedicated to construction of the hydroelectric power station and all that accompanied it (excavation, relocation) were closed. Exhibits on other floors were devoted to Japanese aggression, the Chinese numismatics, national minorities and, the most interesting, the history of Chongqing for the last 200 years. I must say, the museum does not indulge visitors with explanatory signs in English, only one large sign is hanging in front of each hall. The exhibits of Chongqing contained a lot of pictures and two miniatures of the city, showing Chongqing at the arrow between the rivers at different periods of the one before last century.

The Man of Ba people tames the Dragon. None other than the image of the struggle of the southern minorities with the Hans.
Three Gorges Museum.
Inside the museum.
Zhou Enlai and Mao Zedong.
Children's performance was overshadowed by the hassle of two Chinese men that failed to share something.
The audience's attention immediately turned to the quarrelling people.
Panoramic View of the People's Square. ↑ Click for detailed view ↑

Continuation :
Dazu Rock Carvings

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