Qianlingshan Park (黔灵山公园 - Qiánlíngshān gōngyuán) - Guiyang, Guizhou Province

October 2011
In the north of the city of Guiyang there is a large mountain Qianlingshan Park. It has everything: mountains, lakes, monkeys, caves, view of Guiyang, cable car and many other things. This, as well as the desire to constantly be in the collective, explains the large number of Chinese holidaymakers.

Most of all I liked the pack of macaques living right in the park. Here is the local kingpin asked me to convey to readers of Tiwy.com that he waits for them to visit Guiyang. And not to forget to bring more fruit. In the photo he looks so unhappy because his henchmen have taken away too little food for the last 10 minutes.
Main entrance to Qianlingshan Park.
In front of it, a real parade of freaks has defiantly positioned itself in order to beg, so terrible that I did not shoot them.
Qianlingshan Park map.
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To get to the cable car, one should immediately after the park entrance, turn left, where a police post is located. The cable car though very close, but is not visible from the park entrance. Do not buy a return ticket at once. Only if you need to go up, have a look at the city and come back. If you go from the top by the stairs down to the Hongfu Temple, it is unlikely that you will then want to go up to the cable car, it's easier to go down on foot.
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Hongfu Buddhist Temple (弘福寺 - Hóngfúsì), 1672.
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Three times during one hour the quiet idyll has been violated by freight trains going by rail, hidden somewhere near in the mountains.

Continuation :
Qingyan Old Town

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