Urumqi Airport

October 2011
The opinions from the network

Before I took the road, I read quite a few negative comments about the airport Urumqi. Complaints were limited mainly to the fact that it is not clear where to go, there is no duty free, a tiny room behind the glass for transit passengers, a cafeteria with a cup of coffee for 280 yuans, they extort 200 yuans for things in your luggage.

Personal impressions

After arriving in Urumqi by an international flight from Moscow, you have to pass the border, get the luggage and check in for a local flight. On the way back from Chongqing they just wrapped to my suitcase the label "SVO via URC", i.e. after arrival in Urumqi from Chongqing I had only carry-on baggage to be checked in on an international flight to Moscow.

I have twice experienced certain confusion with my further directions. For the first time, on my arrival in Urumqi from Moscow, I did not notice ahead of me a little branch going to the right, where I could get my luggage. The second time I was confused on the way back, when the entrance to the area of international departures seemed to me, at first sight, completely deserted and not working.

I cannot understand either, why on the floor of the hall of departure, immediately after entering the terminal, there is nowhere to sit down.

As for the rest it is a usual airport, with lots of signposts, often in Russian. Highly visible are paired patrols of the Chinese police in full uniform, wearing helmets and bulletproof vests. At the entrance to the airport terminal building there are metal detectors, everybody gets screened.

I did not look how much the coffee is, but the price of regular tea drink inflated 3-fold. Binghongcha (冰红茶 - Bīnghóngchá) instead of the usual 2.5-3 yuans (15 roub/$0.5) is 10 (50 roub/$1.5).

Transit passengers get into the international part of the airport, where there are several small shops, two large and clean toilets, free drinking water and plenty of armchairs.

Waiting room for domestic flights.
The airplane Urumqi-Chongqing-Fuzhou gets ready to fly.
Waiting room for international flights.
Many shop sellers begin a conversation with the phrase in Russian "Zdravstvuite, drug" ("Hello, friend").
Modest duty free with perfume, there is another shop with cigarettes and hard liquor.
Flight Sanya-Urumqi-Moscow is waiting for new passengers.
Shop for those who forgot to buy tea.

Continuation :
The route of my trip

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