Huaihua Railway Station

October 2011
The needed by me K9082 train, which runs exclusively between Huaihua and Tongren, for some reason was canceled. I had to buy tickets to the passing K74 Shanghai-Chongqing train into a soft-seat car (软座 - ruǎnzuò).

The distance to Tongren is 93 km, journey time is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Due to the cancellation of the local train my sitting car turned into a sitting-standing one. My occupied by someone place was vacated without any questions. But there was nowhere to put the luggage. The upper births have been packed and in the aisles between the seats everywhere were people.

The day was sunny, beautiful scenery, but I had not no chances to take pictures out of the window. The only thing I thought was to get there as soon as possible. It was the worst trip between cities for the all of my journey.

Following my plan, I was heading back to the province of Guizhou, the city of Tongren. There at the station I was planning to take a taxi back to the province of Hunan, to the old town of Fenghuang. One of the reasons why I chose this route, was the intention to buy a ticket in advance, for a few days, in the compartment of the Tongren-Chongqing train, so that my last and longest part of the train journey was as much comfortable as possible.

View to the Railway Station of Huaihua from the Huaihua Great Hotel.
That is how a comfortable soft seat coach looks like, after most of the passengers had left it.
But just 5 minutes ago, it was worse there than in a tin with sardines.

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